There are thousands, tens of thousands, if not millions of options of Pet Beds to choose from around the world, so why buy from us and what makes us any different to anyone else.

Firstly, Beddies® is a family business and I think that alone brings certain dynamics and passion that are just not possible to replicate in other types of businesses. Beddies® is owned by the Stevenson family, who in turn own Pownall & Hampson Ltd, a manufacturing company synonymous with producing white filled goods for more years than we all care to remember. Pownall & Hampson has consistently delivered excellent quality, great value and a customer – focussed service as the leading bedding manufacturer in Ireland.

P&H was established in the early 1930’s by Thomas Stevenson, father of its present Managing Director and grandfather of Beddies Managing Director.

Secondly, as mentioned, we are a manufacturing Company with a very modern volume based plant and that alone brings huge advantages over the numerous trading and wholesaling companies out there. With the years of knowledge gained from sourcing our raw materials all around the world, the result of this being that it allows us to offer product at very competitive prices which trading companies simply cannot match. Our location has also been a very important factor over the years in securing some very significant business, close to the Port, with easy connectivity to the UK and Europe, close to the airport and also all the major trunk roads to the rest of Ireland.

Thirdly and most importantly is our Team. Skilled and valued in every facet of the business, maybe more than they think, we have the ability to design, develop, source raw materials at the very best prices and efficiently produce which makes us very competitive and this includes comparisons with direct shipments from China due to the very high freight cost.

Our Mission is not necessarily to make the most exclusive beds but rather to make Beds that Pets Love and that are affordable, using the best materials that money can buy whether this relates to our Value Range or the Tough and Durable Waterproof Range. Our knowledge of fabrics and fibres, gained over the years through Pownall & Hampson Ltd has also allowed us to bespoke develop in the most economical way possible.

Whether you are a Private Buyer considering purchasing some of our product from our online shop (Link) we welcome you, or a Retailer, wholesaler, veterinary clinic, mail order or an online company, based in Ireland, UK, Europe or further afield and are looking at adding our Beddies® range of products we would like to hear from you. Equally if you wish to discuss designing and bespoking your own range, please let us know and contact us.